The Super Bowl Game

Rules for The Super Bowl Game

What Is It?

TSBG is a social game wherein you lose when you realize what teams are playing in the Super Bowl.
(You may see some people reporting their failures/successes on Twitter by searching for #SuperBowlGame.)

Why Is It?

Inspired by the LDB (the Little Drummer Boy) Game and a dispassionate attitude towards sports-ball.

Who Plays It?

Persons who wish to guage their disconnect from the sports feed.

When Does the Game Start?

I'm not entirely sure...first of the year?
If you know more about when the teams are selected for the Super Bowl, you are lost.
But you can use that time if you want.

When Does the Game End?

Probably when the game starts.

If you make it to the beginning of the game without knowing either team playing, you win. TOUCH DOWN!

What about extra inings?

If you make it through until the end of the game without any knowledge of the teams playing you have won by an additional FIELD GOAL!

For truly expectional players who are able to make it an entire week after the game is played and have still no clue what teams have played:

You achieve the "no sports-related brain injuries" title for the year.